What is a Camp/School/Sports physical?

These are the standard screening physicals required to play sports, participate in organizational camp activities, or simply to attend school. It is important to understand that these physicals are not the comprehensive annual or periodic physicals (typically conducted by your primary care doctor and often billable to insurance), which require more extensive history, physical examination, counseling and often other services such as lab work.

How is it administered?

There is usually a special form which should be partly filled out by the patient or the patient’s parents prior to the visit. The details on the form will indicate what health information needs to be documented, and will prompt The Little Clinic provider as to the extent of the physical examination. It is always best to bring official immunization records with you as these exams often require verification by the healthcare provider.

What to expect?

The vast majority of the time these are not covered by insurance and The Little Clinic does not bill these to insurance, but The Little Clinic does take pride in charging a very reasonable cash fee for these services. Also The Little Clinic's extended weekday and weekend hours make it highly convenient when parents hear those dreaded words, “Mom, I forgot to tell you, but I need this form filled out by tomorrow."