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Treatments & Services

We offer treatment to patients 12 months and up (18 months and up in Ohio and Mississippi and 24 months and up in Kentucky). Treatment for common illnesses start at $85. Fees may be higher, depending on additional tests and procedures needed for complete diagnosis. Don't have insurance? No problem. You can pay the cash price shown below by using cash, debit or credit card, money order or traveler's checks.  If using insurance, The Little Clinic participates with most insurance plans and networks. Please note, prices may vary depending on your insurance plan.

What to know before your visit:

Legal guardian consent is required for patients under 18 years of age. A government issued picture identification is required. We do not treat or offer services for animal bites, males and females with urinary tract infections under 6 years of age. In the state of Kentucky, we only treat female urinary tract infections ages 12 and up. Also, in Kentucky, patients must be at least 11 years of age for most vaccinations (2 and up for flu vaccination). Narcotic and other controlled substances are not prescribed at The Little Clinic.

Prices listed below are cash prices, if using insurance prices may vary.


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